Angela Priftis

Australian Rules Football
Auburn Giants
A Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced) and a Bachelor of Applied Leadership and Critical Thinking

What is your greatest sporting highlight?
My greatest sporting highlight was in 2016 when I wasn't chosen to participate in the 2016 U18'S AFLW All Stars match as a curtain raiser to the Women's AFLW game. However, I then received a late call up as a reserve to participate. Leading up the game I was determined to prove to myself, the other players, coaching staff and officials that their original decision of not choosing me was the wrong one. I believed in myself and my ability, motivated by the unfairness I experienced. I started the game with the first possession and was told I had played the best game of my career. I loved the feeling of surprising the people who had doubted me and changing the perception of people who underestimated me. From this opportunity, I was selected for the 2017 inaugural NAB AFLW academy.

What is your favourite thing to do when not studying, training or competing?
I enjoy adventurous activities, whether it is traveling to a location which is not well known, hiking or anything original or interesting which comes up. I also love writing poems, being with family, helping others or being with animals. I am a trainer at a Women's only bootcamp, my passion for fitness and helping others to improve their overall wellbeing and fitness inspires me. I also want to volunteer with the SES or fire brigade. I am always seeking a challenge, no criteria needed.

What is your dream job after sport?Anything in health care and helping individuals, I would love to become a nurse and progress within the medical workforce to challenge myself in situations under pressure. I believe working in the healthcare system would be a blessing, it's a job many individuals can't say they have experienced, it's tough and saddening but also very rewarding.

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