Ebany Richelle Bridges 

Grange High Performance Boxing Club / Boxing NSW
Masters of Teaching Secondary

What is your greatest sporting highlight?
For myself Winning the Australian Golden Glove Titles two years in a row, and the first year winning by Knockouts (this is always fun). As for a sporting highlight i have watched.. there is so many! but i would have to say Corrales vs Castillo 1 (10th round) watch it if you have't!
More recently watching my team the Patriots come back and win Superbowl 51 on feb 5th 2017

What is your favourite thing to do when not studying, training or competing?
Sleeping!! but besides sleeping, spending time with family and friends as I barely see them

What is your dream job after sport?
To be a Mathematics teacher and inspire kids, show them math can be fun and break the stereotypes
as well as implement boxing programs into schools for disengaged and troubled teens.

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