Western Sydney University, as a member of the Elite Athlete Friendly University (EAFU) program, is committed to supporting student athletes in their endeavors to undertake study whilst maintaining an Elite Athlete status. The University strives to assist student athletes in achieving both sporting and academic goals, however, it should be recognised that academic standards will be strictly applied. 




What does it mean to be an Elite Athlete Friendly University?

Being able to combine sport and study creates a healthy balance and helps athletes to plan for their life after sport.  You could call it “their insurance plan” in case of injury and retirement.

As a member of the EAFU network, Western Sydney University has a support scheme for elite student-athletes.  The University has developed a number of systems to ensure there is sufficient flexibility to create a supportive environment conducive to the achievement of academic and sporting excellence. 

As a result of this network, elite student-athletes are being identified at the start of their enrollment and gaining assistance with timetable planning and integrated scheduling of sport and study.  It is the goal of Western Sydney University, with its sporting facilities, reputable academic programs and the EAFU program, to become the University of choice for elite athletes.


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