Laura Sloey

Equestrian - Show Jumping
Tallara and Dave Equestrian
Bachelor of Business (Sports Management)

What is your greatest sporting highlight?
My greatest sporting highlight is from 2014, it was the last competition before the Australian Show Jumping Championships and the final day classes included a 1.15m championship, the Mini Prix (1.35m) and a 1.45m Grand Prix. I was originally entered in the 1.15m class, but Dave (kindly) bullied me into starting in the Mini Prix. My horse at the time, Monty, ended up helping me win the class against a competitive field. I don't think I've ever been so nervous as I was that morning, watching the 1.15m class go thinking that I shouldn't even be entered in the Mini Prix, but when it came time to walk my course, I just had to get on with my job. My horse was outstanding for me and the whole team couldn't have been happier, it's definitely one of my greatest memories.

What is your favourite thing to do when not studying, training or competing?
One of my teammate's families own a boat for water-skiing purposes. It's become a bit of a tradition that when we don't have a competition or full-training day on (and it's not too cold), we spend anywhere from just a few hours or even a few days up the river spending time on the boat, eating good food and spending quality time with each other. It adds a silver lining to when competitions get cancelled - River Day!

What is your dream job after sport?
Basically, the most important part of a dream job for me would be making sure that I worked for a company that I was passionate about, such as a company like RedBull that deals with adventures and sports, a start-up entertainment company that focuses on bringing current music idols out to Australia.
In terms of job content, I’m interested in work that involves public relation and communication. In today's society, I've been able to appreciate all the hard work that goes in to running an accessible media source that companies use to communicate with their followers, so I would definitely want that to be part of my dream job.

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