Veronica Martin

Bachelor of Business (Sports Management)

What is your greatest sporting highlight?
There are so many memories I could draw upon for my greatest sporting highlight but I cannot for the life of me narrow it down to one. So here are a few:
One of my greatest sporting moments would have to be playing alongside my sister in the local competition. Every win, lose or draw I share it with her and it's a bond that I sincerely never want to lose.
Another sporting highlight is when a few friends asked me to join Hapkido with them. I only went for a few weeks but managed to go from a white belt to a yellow one. For me, I was over the moon and decided to embrace this moment/feeling and never returned to the sport.
Finally, representing my state for many years (and hopefully more to come) is a feeling that continuously inspires me to chase my dreams and be proud of what I’m achieving. As cliché as that sounds, having the energised faces of the crowd and my family watching/cheering exceptionally loud is an overwhelmingly empowering and uplifting experience I thrive off.

What is your favourite thing to do when not studying, training or competing?
Aside from playing hockey and completing UNI work, I love to bake, watch movies and I have a self-confessed addiction to animals, in particular the canine variety.
Most people would class me as a Type 1 Movieholic (avid movie watcher), although I will probably have a heart attack if I watch a Horror movie.
Let's be real, who doesn't love coming home to a house smelling like chocolate and sugar? I often attempt to bake all sorts of desserts and succeed 50% of the time, however, my friends always seem to come back for my brownies.


What is your dream job after sport?
Be a successful entrepreneur. What that entails, currently I am unaware.

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